Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wolfgang Puck Electric Saucier

Product Description

If your arm wears out before you've created the perfect, smooth sauces or if you simply lack the manual dexterity or ability to perform repetitive whipping motions, then you'll love our wolfgang Puck Bistro Electric Saucier. This compact-sized, handy device also whips milk, cream and other dairy products and froths beverages like chocolate milk as it heats the delectable treat into award-winning hot chocolate. You can also use it to make homemade mayonnaise, desserts and dessert toppings. The Saucier comes equipped with a heating element that optionally heats as it works. And it automatically turns off when the cycle is completed for perfect results. They're even imprinted with their use - cream, sauces and froth - to make using the Saucier virtually goof proof! And a built-in flavor hatch in the lid makes adding ingredients mess free and easy even while it's running. The Saucier also has a built-in handle and spout to enable you to pour your processed ingredients directly onto the foods or into a cup or serving piece without a mess.

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About Wolfgang Puck Electric Saucier detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #57225 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Premier Appliance
  • Model: BFAL0010


  • Maximum starting capacity 1-1/2 cups
  • Hand wash

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