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Mauviel 3.1 qt. Saucier Pan with Iron Handle

Product Description

Still found in the majority of top-knotch kitchens, the splayed saute pan allows you to simmer and reduce rapidly without degradation of delicate flavors or aromas. The base is smaller in diameter than the top, meaning that it heats rapidly, while the increased surface area of the top evaporates quickly. This shape pan offers more control, with a lesser risk of scorching or burning sauces. mauviel's M'Heritage Cast-Iron Handle Collection is a true reflection of the company's history and testament to their staying power. Boasting the thickest copper construction of all their line (2.5mm), the cast-iron handle collection is true French Copper Cookware. It's performance is unsurpassed, while its reponsiveness is unparallaled. The Cast Iron M'Heritage collection does take one-step into the 21st century with a non-reactive stainless steel lining never needs to be re-tinned. Because of the heavier copper construction, the pans are able to achieve balance and optimum usability with the heavier cast-iron handles.

Customer Buzz
This is a marvelous design for a pan! If one could only choose one, in addition to a fine skillet, this would be the one to buy, because it is wide enough, deep enough, responsive enough, heavy enough, to do just about anything. I have started and finished soups, done small stir-fries, sauteed, prepared greens, and made stew in it. I love that the bottom edge is rounded so food doesn't hide in an angle, and that the lip is curved, too, so pouring is clean and dripless. Mine is only 3 quarts, but for one or two persons, this is an advantage. I ordered it with a lid, which extends its usefulness. I clean the inside and outside both with "Barkeeper's Friend" and a soft nylon scrubber. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll use copper polish. I don't mind the upkeep because the functionality of the pan makes it worth it. And there's no law that says you have to polish it at all! It is heavy and expensive, but Mauviel makes such fine quality cookware that I have acquired several different pieces and haven't been disappointed by any of them. Highly recommended.

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About Mauviel 3.1 qt. Saucier Pan with Iron Handle detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #332065 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Mauviel
  • Model: 6625.24


  • Mauviel Saucier pan
  • Size is 9.5 inches (24 cm)
  • Iron handle
  • Made in France

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