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All-Clad Stainless 1-Quart Saucier Pan

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The occasion demands something extraordinary, a Bearnaise sauce for your tournedos of beef perhaps. This small pan can play a critical role of your culinary success. Its wide top and sloping sides are perfect for creating spectacular sauces.

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The All-Clad Saucier is a well-made cooking instrument. I purchased it based on the recommedation on You will not be disappointed.

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All-Clad is known for it's high quality, good looking, long lasting product. It never fails. This versatile 1-QT is the perfect size for lots of small quick cooking items, so get more than one!

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I bought this to be a quick-heat single-serving pot because my Le Creuset just takes too long to boil a can of soup. As a result of using it over "medium" heat, the bottom is beginning to discolor, but I am still very happy with this purchase. I do appreciate that it's made in the USA, but the reason to buy All-Clad is that it's just a little bit better than the other pans you could buy. My friends with the copper core All-Clad pans get better performance, but you can't go wrong with aluminum core for a much more reasonable price.

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I'd coveted a friend's 3qt but didn't feel right buying a piece of cookware just because it was so lovely and well shaped. Luckily I received the 5.5 qt version as a present and at first I thought it would be impractical, I didn't need anything that large, but I was wrong.

I like to braise meats which often means several steps of browning, then deglazing, then adding liquid and cooking in the stovetop or oven. I've got a large heavy enameled dutch oven that I used to use but it always felt clumsy sauteing with the steep sides, and it is heavy enough that moving it around is a chore.

The 5.5 qt saucier is a much better fit for me. The smaller bottom and curved sides give me a more even hot area and easier access with utensils and because the heat comes up the sides it works like a good saute pan with a long handle. Then when it's time to work as a dutch oven it's deep enough to fill, drop the lid on, and move to a back burner or the oven.

I appreciate that I can clean it with barkeeper's friend (not as easy as cast iron to clean but much less heavy) and then put it in the dishwasher for a final clean and sterilization.

And it's lovely.

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The pan arrived quickly and in perfect condition from Amazon. This is just a jewel of a pan. There is something so beautiful about the flawless metal I enjoy using it very much. I ordered the 8" All-CLAD Fry Pan that was shipped from CHEF'S RESOURCES also and could just not get over that this company shipped me a USED FRY PAN THAT WAS STILL DIRTY FROM THE PREVIOUS OWNER AND WAS DAMAGED!! ALL-CLAD is such a great product but just don't buy from Chef's Resources.

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I make a lot of sauces. The rounded sides make it easy to stir the sauce and the cladded sides provide even heat distribution - don't know how I got along without it. Also great for small quantities of vegetables. I recommend it unqualifedly - 5 stars all the way

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I like the size of this pan but the rounded bottom makes it tippy on my gas range. I prefer the square bottomed sauce pans.

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The All-Clad 2 quart saucier is a must for every kitchen. It allows for the making of sauces and gravy a snap. There are no corners that a whisk cannot get to. It is a joy to use.

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I've used AllClad pots and pans for more than thirty years. The originals I bought all those years ago are, if anything, handsomer than they were when new, because of all the polishing they've had. They function just as they always have, too. I've had to replace some of them because a couple of years ago, I began cooking by induction, and my nice old faithfuls have aluminum exteriors and won't conduct. This little saucier is the junior of a larger one I own, and is perfectly suited to making classic sauces, as well as the morning oatmeal, if you start your day that way. I'm sure there's nothing I can say about AllClad you don't already know. We all know there are cheaper pots, but there are cheaper everything elses, too, which is no reason not to go first class if you can.

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I love all-clad products. This is a great pan. But Amazon's free shipping policy needs review. This item sat in a UPS warehouse 100 miles from my home for about 2 weeks and then it arrived after 3 weeks of the order. I could have walked the 100 miles and back and had the pan before it was shipped. Very poor service, hopefully this will be reviewed and changed.

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About All-Clad Stainless 1-Quart Saucier Pan detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6724 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: All-Clad
  • Model: 5211
  • Dimensions: 4.50" h x 6.90" w x 13.50" l, 2.00 pounds


  • Versatile 1-quart pan with rounded sides
  • Three-ply: stainless-steel layers sandwich pure aluminum core for even heating
  • Long, comfortable, stay-cool handle riveted for strength
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

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